Project Description

Oscar(OCR) is jointly sponsored by the OK Pan Entertainment Foundation of the United States and OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. of the United States. It is based on a game side chain of Ethereum's public chain technology and has a complete etheric The underlying technology, distributed accounting, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, etc. Develop DAPP game applications on the sidechain to create a global game ecosystem, and now build digital assets Application scenarios such as wallet, integrated game platform, star entertainment IP, betting quiz platform, and live video platform will be connected to more offline entities in the later stage.

Oscar(OCR) Passes through a relatively fragmented payment system between different games, players can use Oscar(OCR) Pass to redeem virtual goods for any game in the ecosystem. For the player, In the Oscar(OCR) public chain, players can not only clearly know the value they created during the game, but also the more advanced virtual commodity circulation mechanism and enjoy the price across games.Value exchange experience, in addition to Oscar(OCR) will also use the blockchain to build a pan-entertainment ecosystem, Oscar(OCR) Pass will open up the channel between games,Create wealth in entertainment.


Oscar(OCR) wallet

Supports wallet data and functional architecture with encrypted communication protocols and smart contract contracts

Integrated game platform

Innovatively apply blockchain technology to gaming platforms

Star Entertainment IP

Improve the operation, management and liquidity of Star Entertainment IP

Gaming contest platform

Provide technical support for betting contests, smart contracts automatically transfer betting quizzes based on results

Video live broadcast platform

Negotiate with the global mainstream media and network platform to build a global entertainment star live broadcast platform

Offline entity docking

Oscar(OCR) has a wide range of offline entities, holding Oscar(OCR) for online consumption

Technology System

Oscar(OCR) side chain node

  • ECDSA Elliptic curve signature algorithm
  • POT Double-chain combination consensus algorithm
  • DPOS Consensus algorithm
  • UTXO-based account structure
  • BGVM virtual machine

Oscar(OCR) Development toolset

  • POT Plugin
  • API、SDK and BG Studio


  • Use Token as a virtual currency in the game
  • Game commodity trading behavior is confirmed by blockchain smart contract to improve transaction security
  • Evading policy risks, increasing the value flow between games, and promoting the interests of superior games and the new demand for inferior games to promote industrial cooperation
  • Improve the fairness and efficiency of the game distribution platform and game content providers

The game player's game time is an important value asset for the entire ecology. Purchase registered user game duration(The way in which registered games receive rewards) is the biggest expense for many game makers in their day-to-day operations.Therefore, we use the Oscar(OCR) Pass to mark the player's game time value, that is, the player wins the Oscar(OCR) Pass award by completing the effective game market.The implemented algorithm, we call it the game market proof POT (Proof of time); in order to ensure the security of the POT award,We have the corresponding hardware technical requirements. At the beginning of the ecological start-up, an open platform for hardware will be established.Open hardware technology to all qualified hardware manufacturers.

  • mining incentive income (proof of working hours)
  • single currency appreciation gain
  • Equity Contribution Award (Proof of Equity)
  • Participate in the OK Pan Entertainment Foundation
  • Value-for-money exchanges from Oscar(OCR)'s numerous application scenarios
  • Performance aspects improve the consensus mechanism through fragmentation technology and improve performance indicators such as trading TPS.
  • The security aspect is intended to be improved by:
  • Academic Audit: Functional testing and security audits of the underlying chain and consensus mechanisms through third-party academic institutions to avoid large Most known security risks.
  • Code Open Source: Publish the smart contract source code and accept public detection.
  • Faster transaction confirmation: Oscar(OCR) Pass can process a block every 10 seconds (instead of 10 minutes) , so you can provide faster transaction confirmation
  • Larger total output: Oscar(OCR) is expected to produce 210 million Oscar(OCR) passes, which is a bit The currency network issues 10 times the amount of money.
  • Lower competition threshold: Oscar(OCR) Pass uses encryption algorithms in the POT algorithm to make mobile smart terminals a new generation Trust the network's hardware cornerstone, which makes the threshold of the Bitcoin numismatic competition straight down.
  • Game Content Provider
  • Player
  • Game Release Application
  • Hardware Terminal Provider


Keane Crete

CEO of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., co-founder of tens of billions of funds, has more than 15 years of experience in marketing management in the financial sector, and is responsible for the digital currency field in 2017.

Alec Jaya Patton

Chief Financial Officer of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., 18 years of senior management experience, with outstanding leadership and temperament, successfully led the team to achieve great results in database, technical support, information security, search engine optimization and so on.

Ivan Bolohin

Senior Investment Consultant of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., who worked for Twitter, started to work in the blockchain industry in 2013, and has served as the COO and co-founder of Silicon Valley star entrepreneurial projects Elevenbots, GoldFinch and STOBox. Have advanced industry awareness. Risk awareness and excellent professionalism.

Keane Albert

Director of Operations of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., blockchain investment celebrity, leader of blockchain autonomous community, master of management, University of Central Lancashire, UK, formerly employed in Styilogy, S.SAssociates, Rothbadi&Co, ZBX, etc. Financial and blockchain companies.

Amy Roosevelt

Marketing Director of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., has become MetaLabConsulting, co-founder of BlockCons, Bachelor of Business Administration of Rostock University, mainly engaged in community marketing and public relations assistance, and founded BACH community in Germany (BlockchainAngelCommunity) , has hundreds of thousands of autonomous community members.

Alena Yudina

Director of Public Relations of OK Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., with 13 years of public relations and marketing experience, joined the blockchain business in 2017; proficient in English, French, Russian, Persian, Spanish, German, and holds BCS, TELC qualification certificate.



To build a strong, efficient and connected global gaming and entertainment eco-node community, to lead the global gaming and entertainment industry to strengthen mutual assistance, effectively respond to urgent issues and seize the key opportunities of global gaming and entertainment to achieve a sustainable future.


Building the most powerful game entertainment eco-financial value system in history, breaking the monopoly of the world's over-centered, leading everyone to change the world and re-entering the revolution of wealth distribution, thus realizing the ultimate freedom of our wealth!


A great cause is not only serving its own interests, it will carry more responsibility and responsibility for this society and the world. We will lead more people of insight and improve our living environment. Let the work, life, and game entertainment coexist. With the development of the cause, the social centralization of the ills, the growth of personal wealth will follow.


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